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A comment from Raye G SAbsolutely fabulous! I have just begun using my j10 and wouldn't be without it! I thought it was out of my price range. But glad I bought with piece of mind from a UK dealership that provides a brilliant service! It's admired by all! (Facebook comment 17/08/2017)



A review from Donna M BJust received my back cushion thank you for all your help. Could not say enough about this company from the help fitting of the wheelchair. Delivery when they said it would come. The help afterwards answering my question. Would recommend them to everyone ( Facebook Better Products page-Visitor Post-16/08/2017)



 A Review from Amanda W: Just received my 10J today absolutely love it it's amazing so responsive and light but very sturdy, the customer service is brilliant always someone on the end of the phone when needed can not praise this company or the chair enough it will change my life for the better, thank you all especially David who brought it out to me today 1 day from ordering to receiving.( Facebook Better Products page-Reviews-13/08/2017)



A review from Heather  B M I have had Betty, my 10J, nearly 3 weeks now and cannot imagine life without her. We took her to a campsite in Scarborough for a week and she coped amazingly. Going from tarmac to grass to gravel to concrete with no problems. I even managed to storm off after a disagreement for the first time in years! These chairs may be pricey, but the way that I have regained some independence is priceless! ( Facebook Better Products page-Review- 07/08/2017)



A review from Kathleen W.: I have had my red one for almost a month and I love it. It's the best chair I have had. I can go out with family and friends as it fits in any car and I have just booked a flight with Flybe (small prop plane) Edinburgh to Southampton and they accepted it for the flight with no problems. 😊 I have been able to find dropped curbs to go up and down so not been an issue. The chair is very comfortable and I have sat in it for 6 hours one day and was ok. The cushions that come with it are very good. ( facebook 05/08/2017)



A review from Colin B: It's a great chair, I have one and it's been around the world with me. It gives you your freedom back.( facebook 05/08/2017)



A review from Carole A: Thank you, and I am loving every minute of my new chair , thank you. Has given me a new life xx( facebook 05-06/08/2017)



 A review from Donna M B Just got mine and it's lovely wish I got one sooner as it's fits in the boot or car plus my shopping. It's easy to move about and brilliant in the house too ( facebook 04/08/2017)



A post from Paddy R : I have been using my new J10 now for a few weeks the reason for buying was for car boot and holiday use especially air flights . I do have a larger heavy duty power chair .but not possible to take on flight or car boot for shopping I do not drive so owning a wheelchair accessible car or van is not an option . now with the J IO it fit the boot of all family members car and I dont have to depend on someone to push my manual chair it gives me total freedom to do my own thing once out of the car . My Heavy duty chair has been out of use lately waiting on new batteries and I have been using my J 10 . it may not have the speed ratio or the mileage distance as my J 10 but I find it a great substitute till my HD Chair is back in action and I can reserve my J10 for those special dutys Thank you to Shane and Staff at B P F D P. For all your help and assistance when I was buying my J10 and I would recommend it to all with limited mobility best money I ever spent . .(facebook Better Products page- visitor post-03/08/2017)



 A post from Pauline D: Just wanted to say thank you to David for all your help today with my new chair. Excellent customer service, friendly and pleasant. Highly recommended (facebook Better Products page- 17/07/2017)



 A review from Colin B.I have one and it's fantastic. I have taken it on a cruise ship, wonderful. (facebook Better Products page - 12/07/2017)



A review from Kathleen W: Best chair I have ever bought... I can now go out with friends and take my chair in their car as it folds so small..(facebook Better Products page - 11/07/2017)


A review from Wendy W.Hi I have one of these chairs mine as been everywhere up and down hills over gravel paths you name it I have been there and the charge time is brilliant I can use mine all day and it never drops its charge probably twice a week I charge it just to keep it topped up x (facebook Better Products page - 12/07/2017)


A review from Eileen L.: Great on grass. Only had a short ride on gravel but was ok.The only thing that's not suitable is sand and of course freshly dug earth.... it's a life changer for us. I like the fact that it fed up flatter than the manual and can be put into boot of car.xc We took delivery of ours on Friday. All I can say is that its fantastic. Already changed our lives. I usually push my husband in a manual chair but was finding it difficult uphill. Because of this it stopped us from going places and doing things. Since Friday we have been out for long walks to enable him to get used to the controls and get his confidence. Already he is enjoying talking to people and stopping to watch the wildlife and admire peoples gardens. This will really help us when travelling or going out for days. It takes up less room when folded than his manual chair..... Go for it !!!! Thee chairs are great in doors too.x (facebook Better Products page-11-12/07/2017)


A review from Tina C : Had my 10j since January, but only started using it in the last couple of months. It is amazing and never seems to lose charge! The controls are so sensitive so the adverse camber of pavements is something I'm trying to get used to, but that's my perception, the chair copes really well and as I practise more, I gain in confidence. I cannot tell you the difference it has made. To be able to go out when and if I want. I went to the park on my own, just to chill, the chair managed the paths, slopes and the grass with ease. Then off to the pub and a taxi home if one too many, without the worry of will it fit in the taxi boot. This chair is a life changer! Get one, you won't regret it. (05/07/2017-better products facebook page)


A review from Carole A: Have just had my demo half an hour ago. 🙂. Brilliant chair have fallen in love with it, definitely going to get one. Would recommend it to anyone xx These chairs a brilliant I will be getting one in the next couple of weeks, can I make a suggestion to everyone , I couldn't afford to pay straight out for it so started my own crowd funding page on just giving, people have been fantastic and so generous, I only have £200 to get now and I can order my chair, I never thought I would get it so quick, just a thought for all lovely people out there xxx  (better products facebook-06/08/2017)


A review from Karen S.: Hi just an update, first day without rain since my J06 arrived so I bit the bullet and drove it to work and back again! Found I had to detour some streets as they've no low kirbs so I feel a letter coming on to my council lol. That aside the chair did well and I saved on taxi fares. Might be able to take th L plates off next week.  (30/06/2017-facebook)


A review from Jean S. Got one today just been round the streets on it they are brill (10/06/2017-facebook)


A review from Eileen L.

So easy to fold and unfold. If you take batteries out it's much easier and lighter to lift.Batteries slide out easily as they're under each armrest.You can use one battery and charge the other or charge both together..I like the fact that it can be out into manual if needed and the controls can be moved or taken off very easily. The control can be put on the back if you need a carer to drive it for you. We've just had a demonstration at our home and are very impressed. So much so we have one on order. It will change my life as well as my husbands. I am finding it increasingly difficult pushing a manual chair especially up hill.x (09/05/2017)

Just waiting for ours to arrive. Can't wait. It will change my husbands life and of course make mine easier too. No more trying to push the manual chair uphill. It will allow us to do more things and is brilliant for holidays. It actually takes less room when folded than the manual. If you want to make it even more easy to lift into boot.. Its so easy to slide batteries out from under each arm rest which takes around six pounds off the weight. Just fantastic.(11/06/2017-facebook)

Yes can be used in the rain... Only thing you don't drive on is sand (11/06/2017-facebook)


Hello everyone I just to let you guys know since I have gotten my J Series my life have changed. My J Series let me travel with ease. It only a 3 step process to fold up and the J Series is so compact it fit into any compact car. The batteries are long lasting I rarely have to charge it. I love my J Series to death. Actually my J Series gets more attention than me LOL! I don't regret buying this wheelchair at all in fact I will incourage everyone to invest in one it gave me my life back thank you Shaun Atkinson �(23/05/2017-facebook better products page)


A review from Miranda M:  I had a demo & took it for a test drive yesterday, it is absolutely fabulous ????? ordered today & can't wait to have it. Thanks for coming out to see me fiona ☺️



A review from Joe Smith  I can't recommend this chair highly enough, it changed my life. I've never run mine continuously till the batteries run out but it goes some between charges, it's limited to about 4 mph, which is quick enough, folds to fit in any car, and overall is a fab product. Had mine just coming up to a year.14 May at 17:21-facebook)



A review from Fiona S: We've had Shauns 3 days now and so far it is great. I have no problem getting it in and out of the boot. We went to London on the train today. We were out for 7 1/2 hours. Very pleased so far.(15/05/2017-facebook)



A review from Laura K.: I love my chair. Again battery life is just amazing. I got up to London on the train for hospital appointments all around back home, around the local town and still it's on green!! X (13/05/2017-facebookpage)



A review from Fiona Rutt I've had my j10 on great northern east coast trains no problem (12?05/2017-facebook)



A review from Fiona Rutt :I thought long and hard before buying a new chair because I'd bought several which failed on various fronts, mainly transporting and actually doing what it needed.

Then I found Better-products for disabled people's folding chairs.

I now have a blue J10 which given my MS seemed to fit the bill. Folding so in the boot no problem light enough for me to lift in, practical coped with public transport , children's farm (grass and shingle pathways) local trips to shops hospitals etc. Battery life astounds me still...(05/05/2017-facebook )



A review from Dagmar Schwientek: We bought a red one last year and I'm so happy with mine that chair is the best chair I ever bought!! We just came back from a holiday from Mexico ?? and had so much fun with it,we took it everywhere we went??? we live in Canada ?? and so many people are asking me where I bought my chair ? thanks again Shaun (21/04/2017-facebook)



A review from Michelle R.D.Thank you for organising home demo your guy was lovely really polite and chatty. (17/04/2017-facebook)



A review from Caroline Birch: Customer service is second to none. I needed some bolts that had come off my wheelchair and received them free of charge and was even offered for someone to come and put them on for me.

Can't say a bad word about the products or the staff!

What can I say. I love my wheelchair




 A review from Stephen Mccrystal : My chair has given me a new freedom. I'm now a regular train traveller and have built up my confidence for negotiating busy cities. The after-sales service has been first class.(15/04/2017-facebook page)



A review from Bashir S.Thank you. David was great with the Product demonstration and very helpful. Certainly made my decision to purchase very easy for us.(10/04/2017)



A review from Clare Page: David and Shaun Atkinson delivered my chair yesterday it gonna make my life so much easier just need to practise using it before I can go out on my own it's gonna take time but that's ok I have all the time in the world xx (facebook-08/04/2017)



A review from Stephen McChrystal: 

Hello  again.

You can quote me on this:

Since owning one of the chairs I've had superb after-sales support from Shaun, the director.

Recently, after having an accident with the charger, a replacement arrived the following day.

Now that is customer service. The chair continues to be a real asses to my independence.

Stephen McChrystal. (06/04/2017)



From Karen H- facebook review 

I am having an amazing time in my chair, great independence, and it is fun to. I have been on all sorts of terrain and it has coped really well. It does not like shingle paths bit to slidy tho lol.

I have had loads of people compliment it, as they are surprised at how easy it is to fold up and down, in just a few seconds.(Facebook-better products page- 06/04/2017)



From Jane Butcher- facebook review 

Just had our free demo, had an hour testing both size chairs, Ben lived it was able to manoeuvre the chair easily and confidently. Folds so simply and light enough to lift in and out of the car. Dave was extremely patient and explained and demonstrated everything clearly and simply, we've ordered one! (Facebook -better products page-04/04/2017)



 From Wendy Walton- facebook review

I managed to afford mine by fundraising worth every penny don't knock it till you have tried it

It's the best wheelchairs on the market I am an amputee and I would be lost without mine it gives me my independence back I can fold and unfold the chair on my own give it a try and see for yourself we don't choose our disabilities but we can improve our independence...

They are brilliant and worth the money...(facebook-better products page-30/03/2017)



 From Peggy Pryer- facebook review

A friend has just had one of these delivered and a pink one too which was exactly what she wanted. It is making such a difference to her life already. Well done Shaun and your team, it was delivered within two days of me sending you my friend's phone number, what a service!(facebook -better products page-02/01/2017)



From- Laura Kirk-facebook review

Been breaking mine in today!! I absolutely love it. My partner of course just wanted to know how fast it goes! It's fast enough!! (facebook-betterproducts page-28/11/2016)



From- Melita Sheppard-facebook review 

I love my new scooter. I have taken it into many different locations and it hasn't failed me yet. Took it to Exbury gardens a couple of weeks ago, it managed most of the terrain really well. I was impressed. Like other scooters it wasn't keen on gravel but it coped really well with transition from concrete pathways to forest. I have also been shopping with it. It's much easier to load into my adapted car using the ramp than my precious power chair. My friend who is often with me when i go out has expressed the same.
It folds really easily, and is so much sturdier than other small scooters. I have another which I won't name that folds, but ai felt very low on it. This scooter keeps you higher so you are easier to see. Love it. (facebook -better products page-31/10/2016)



From- Jackie Murphy-facebook review

Today at 15:23

I use a electric wheelchair outdoors for distances of more than ten minutes due to chronic pain. This wasn't an easy decision to make, but I had become a bit of a recluse, reluctant to leave home. That chair changed my life. However it was too big for travelling. A friend recommended better products for disabled people as my partner had booked a cruise and I wouldn't go without the chair. Shaun offered a free demo but because of the distance (I live in Dorset) and time factors this wasn't possible. So he offered me a money back guarantee if I wasn't completely happy. So I ordered a J10 as I'm a larger lady, and went ahead with the holiday.


It was easy to take on a plane, I had to detach the batteries to take on as hand luggage, which was a bit fiddly, but this improves with practice. The hand controller is very easy to remove. There is a handy bag under the wheelchair to store bits, but I put it into my hand luggage with the batteries.

The taxi from the airport was a tight fit with two large suitcases as well, but it did fit in the front passenger seat as advertised. My partner has health problems too, so cannot lift, but the driver managed almost single handed, and she didn't swear at me!

There were no problems at all on the cruise, and in fact, drew a lot of attention. Other chair users had big and bulky machines which had to be kept in their cabins. Mine slid under the bed! It folds as easy as the videos show, but it's a bit tricky to get it to stand up still. I think this needs a bit more practice on my part. I was allowed to go on coach trips which other passengers weren't able to do, and the coach drivers just picked the chair up to stow it in the hold without folding it!

Negatives! It's not as comfortable as my big wheelchair. It beeps at you when you least expect it. But it has all the easy handling and movement of my regular chair, but isn't as fast. I would totally recommend this as an addition for travelling, or even for regular use if space is tight at home (it's now stored in my meter cupboard until my next trip). I've scratched the paint on the footrest, but that's why I got a black chair. I'm quite clumsy. (facebook-better products page 28/10/2016)



 From- Peggy P. -facebook review

Have had my electric wheelchair from Shaun for over three months now. Brilliant aid to my mobility! If only It had been available all those years ago (28 now), when I first needed wheels under me to get around. The major difference between this chair and other aids I have used, (electric scooters and a standard electric wheelchair), apart from it folding,(brilliant when travelling on packed Virgin trains as I did in June), is the fact it turns on itself making turning around in a very limited area a doddle. Ideal particularly when shopping! Shaun is a remarkable man. If only he had been around when I first needed wheels to aid my mobility. I have met many 'Sharks' out there in the field of selling mobility aids. All they have been interested in has been making money from unfortunate people like me. They have had no interest in ensuring the product met the needs of the individual, unlike Shaun! Just comparing what Shaun is selling his electric wheelchairs for in relation to other much publicised companies out there says it all for me, nearly £1000 difference! Thanks Shaun for all you are doing to make life more bearable for many people like me! (facebook-02/10/2016)



From- one of our customers -facebook review( Wendy W)

If anyone is interested in these wheelchairs then you need to book a demo I have just had mine, let's put it this way it's the best wheelchair I have ever seen it is perfect for me fits in the car with the hoist with no problem. Shaun and his lovely wife were fantastic they came all the way from Blackpool to Nottingham to show me. To be honest I was already hooked by the videos and feedback by other happy customers mine is now on order (25/08/2016-facebook post)



From- one of our customers reviews

Have had my yellow 10J for a while now & I am really pleased with the quality, service & value I have received from Shaun & co who I have met a number of times.

The chair is perfect for town centre shopping & is also equally at home on dry grass & lightly gravelled ground.

I was also able to order a carry bag for the chair which will help protect it from baggage handlers when I go on holiday. This chair will pay for itself as hiring a chair everytime I go abroad costs about £140 for a week as a scooter would not be appropriate for my needs.

To Keep this a balanced review I just want to mention the only niggle I have come across; regular electric wheelchair users will notice that the hand controller is not as responsive as other standard built electric wheelchairs & does take a while to get used to. However, this must be put into context as this is a travel chair, a third of the price of an average chair supplied by the NHS & is a just quarter of the weight.

A great buy. (07/08/2016)



From- one of our customers -check it on main page -reviews

Excellent Customer Service

I ordered and paid for a great pink wheelchair after a demo with Shaun. Unfortunately, when it arrived it wasn't big enough to fit my ample frame comfortably, although we had hoped it would be with a couple of adaptions. I let Shaun know and he just picked it up and refunded me in full today. He is a caring and trustworthy guy who does his best to get things sorted for his customers. Couldn't ask for more and he will keep an eye open for a solution to my folding wheelchair needs. Well done. :) JW (28/07/2016)


From- one of our customers -check it on main page -reviews

Great Company - Great Chair

Cant fault the service or product. I was lent a demonstration chair whilst my new one was being shipped from the manufacturer. Its comfortable, easy to fold and good quality.

Love it! (15/06/2016)



From Emma Major 

Folding Electric Wheelchair BPDP 10J Review


A month ago my folding electric wheelchair arrived from Better Products for Disabled People.  I invested my back dated Personal Independence Payment into this purchase after finally agreeing with Occupational Therapists that an electric wheelchair would broaden my life beyond what I could enjoy with my mobility scooter.

I tried lots of different electric wheelchairs before deciding to ask for a trial of the BPDP10J but all of them had one major drawback, they wouldn't fit in our car, let alone in a smaller car.  My goal for the electric wheelchair was to get out and about more with friends in their cars and for work using taxis; but the conventional power chair market had nothing which could help with this.  It was the folding aspect of the BPDP10J which appealed to me and made it something worth trying.

I emailed BPDJ and spoke to Shaun who said he had a customer who would happily bring his wheelchair to me to try.  Within a few days Alan and his wonderful wife arrived at my house with his BPDP10J wheelchair, unloaded it, opened it and invited me to have a spin.  I couldn't believe how easy it was for Alan to get the wheelchair out of his car and was amazed by the simple way it opened up ready for use.  I had a slow, and then quicker, spin around the close outside my home and was sold almost straight away.  My only concern was that the footplate was small and meant I couldn't get my legs comfortable, which I knew would become a major issue with my MS pain.  Alan said that BPDP were looking at making larger footplates and I should speak to Shaun, which I did who said he would make it happen for me, no problem at all.

I can not overestimate the benefit of speaking to someone like Alan who is also disabled and seeing the chair in action; or the positivity of Shaun at BPDP in every conversation we ever had and the way he completely understood what my issues were and what I needed.  I was concerned that I would be getting the first of the newly designed models, but was reassured that they would make sure the chair would be altered to meet my needs.  I was safe in their hands.

The worst part of the whole experience from enquiry to trial to order to delivery was the wait to get the 10J model; it seemed to take forever to arrive from China and make it through customs.  But it was worth the wait, which actually was less than 3 weeks, to have the first of the newest specification models with the larger footplate; it is wonderful.

Over the last 3 weeks I have tested the BPDP10J all over the place.  I started around the house but quickly decided I needed a larger space to practice my turning skills, especially my reversing.  I think this was as much to do with my hand eye coordination, extremely minimal eye sight and confidence than anything.

We decided that the best place to go would be our local supermarket and I put a warning on Facebook for everyone so that they knew the yellow peril (Alan named us thus) was on the move.  I know the store well and have taken my mobility scooter there quite a few times and therefore this was a good place to compare and contrast as well as try out the BPDP10J maneuverability.

Mike and I were both really impressed with how little space it needed in the boot of the car.  It could probably fit behind a front seat if no one was in the back, but we haven't tried that out.  In the supermarket I was shocked by how much better it could get round obstacles and corners, it literally turns on a penny if I get my hand eye coordination sorted.  It can get through much smaller spaces and is much smoother as well as a much more comfortable position, leaving me less tired and therefore more able to cope with the other MS symptoms.  The yellow colour did nothing to help people see me, but I've decided that that's as much to do with being lower and disabled people being invisible than anything else.

I took the 10J to a garden centre, a local coffee shop, to a restaurant, to the theatre, to a scouting meeting and to church over the next few days and the only problems I encountered were that it doesn't cope so well offroad and that everyone wants a go!!

Then this past week we have been on holiday in Lancashire.  We were staying in a beautiful cottage in the countryside and we took both the mobility scooter and the BPDP10J.  The plan was to use the mobility scooter around the farm and anywhere with offroad type elements; and use the wheelchair everywhere else.  Over the week I took it all over Blackpool with great success along the promenade, across tram tracks, down the piers, through arcades and shops and into restaurants;around Manchester city centre and across to the old UMIST campus;to a number of different restaurants where it was always the most comfortable seat in the place; and I even got down to the lamb pens on the farm which I really didn't expect to manage.

So, in case you haven't guessed, my verdict is that the BPDP10J is brilliant.  It fits in pretty much any car, it goes on for miles and miles, it's really comfortable and easy to use and it looks cool too.  I won't use it for a walk in the woods, but pretty much everywhere else it is my wheels of choice.

I have received no remediation for this review, but Better Products for Disabled People have made a £100 donation to the MS Trust in my name. (03/06/2016) Emma's Blog-MS CALLING



From Edd Fairchild to Better Products For Disabled People  ·

Absolutely love my new wheelchair. Ive got an NHS electric chair which is brilliant but it can be a pain when I want to go away as its too big and bulky to take on a plane. This means I have to be pushed or even worse hire a scooter which is totally unsuitable as I cant get off it and walk anywhere - this makes me feel very excluded. Found this wheelchair and love it. Service has been great and am even more pleased to find that this chair fits into a Smart Car boot! Honestly!! Will add a picture in a few days. (24 May at 20:28-facebook-Better Products For Disabled People-page)



From Robert (stanbrihno.. )

Hello Graham, it's been going really well. One of the connectors for the batteries was bent which was the reason it wouldn't move to begin with. We have tested it across some very bumpy ground and it's been brilliant. Easy to fold to get into the car and admired by many people. It now looks loves and used with a couple of the black caps missing but it's the only one around my city and it's made a world of difference to where I get to go and how independent I can be. It's given me some of the world back to explore. Many thanks x   (01/05/2016-ebay)



 From Alan mandall crawley

Purchased wheelchair 2 months ago Great purchase easy to use and fold up for transport had my doubts but glad I did only one niggle heavy.but over came problem now no problems would recommend.(27/04/2016)



From Stephen McChrystal

'Hello Shaun and the team. I have now owned my new wheelchair for over two months. The best thing about it is the way it folds up. It folds to the size of a chunky suitcase in one movement and fits neatly into the back of the car. We even had it in the back of one of those tiny Toyota things. Its manoeuvrability is precise and positive while the battery life means I can just leave it a long time between charges. I love the colour and the design. Like all rear wheel steering free rotating front wheel wheelchairs, it can go a bit astray on undulating surfaces. It likes flat pavements with no camber. It's not impossible to steer it around the uneven pavements of my home town; it just needs a bit of practice-slow is best. I made my wheelchair bus debut last week with no problems while I can get around indoors very well. It's well made, well designed and reasonably priced.
Thank-you, Steve.'(21/04/2016)



From M.M. 

'If anyone is thinking about getting one of these wheelchairs don't think to long it will change your life it will give you back your independence we purchased 3 of these for our residents 2 months ago and they have never looked back they have given them a Lifeline to the outside world again we was a bit unsure about getting them at first but we spoke to the Seller and he came and did a demonstration he has to be the Nicest man you will ever meet he took time, care and answered all our questions.And another good point with these wheelchairs is folding them up and putting them in the boot of any car because they fold up that small you can even take them on the plane so if you just need that little extra support when you just can't make it in your steps just get one of these wheelchairs and start to live again.' (19/04/2016)



From L Humphrey

Thank you for donating towards the m.s society (21/03/2016)