Here are some questions  frequently asked if you need some more answers but cant find here pls contact us ,we will be happy to answer you...

Q: Is there a folding motor electric wheelchair available in the UK? Where can i purchase one?

A: Yes there is... You can purchase 06J and 10J only from our online shop. These wheelchairs are unique and not available anywherelse in the World. Our company is a British company in Blackpool, Lancashire.You find the chair with the right color for you and click on it and add to your cart. 

You can also buy T8,T11 or T12  from our online shop.

Q: Can I have one with an attendant control (carer control)

A:  Yes we do have them with attendant control.

And you could let us know by sending us a note about your product (left control , attendant control ..etc) 

Q:  If place a wrong order or for any other reason, how can i speak to you?

A: Well at the bottom of the home page we have put our contact addresses via facebook,twitter...you can send us a message via 'message us' on home page...

Q: I live in the UK can i have a demo?

A: Yes of course, just contact us for a demo and we put you on a schedule.

Q: Can i have a demo in the States?

A: No not right now. But we are talking to an agent in Washington DC. Soon we will let you know.

Q: Can i try it in Canada?

A: We dont have an agent in Canada yet.

Q: What weight do they carry?

A: 06 J carries max150 kg (about 23 stones and 8,7 pounds) and 10J carries 180 kg (about 28 stones and 4,8 pounds )

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Minimum 15 miles depending terrain they usually do around 23 miles.

Q: Do the chair have any warranty?

A: 12 months warranty from the manifacturer unless otherwise stated.

Q: When does the warranty start?

A: As soon as your chair has been delivered to you.

Q: How long it takes after i order the chair?

A: Your chair will be handbuilt and dispatched within 3 days usually taking 12 working days to arrive to your doorstep worldwide.

Q: Do i pay for the delivery?

A: All prices include the free delivery ,shipment and customs. No extra fees.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price includes the chair which comes with cushion,underneath bag, battery (2 batteries for 10J and 1 battery for 06J),hand control,charger.

The price also includes free shipment and delivery to your doorstep.

Q: What accessories can i get for my chair?

A: Electric charger, hand control, carer control, bag for the chair, lights, head rest,walking stick holder, cup holder (for your cups), spare batteries …etc

Q: How can I charge the batteries?

A: Well you can find all the details in manuals on our website.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Depends on the usage but usually about 8  hours.

Q: How heavy are the batteries?

A: A battery is 1,5kg. 06J comes with 1 battery and 10J comes with 2 batteries.

Q: Do i need to take off batteries when i fold or unfold the chair OR while charging?

A: No you don't. You dont need to take the batteries off when you fold or unfold OR while charging...

Q: Where are the batteries?

A: On the sides pls check the link...http://better-products-for-disabled-people.myshopify.com/pages/about-our-products-1

Q: What are the sizes of cushions?

A: 06J cushion size is 40* 40 cm, 10J  cushion size is 41*46 cm.

Q: Can the hand control be on the left,I am left handed?

A: No problems it can be eıther side,it is 5 min job.

Q: Can  wheelchair be controlled by a carer or caregiver? Does it have a carer control?

A: Yes it can also be controlled from the back by a carer, attendant or caregiver.

Q: What is the difference between two chairs?

A: Please check the specifications for both on the MENU/ Products

Q: When should i place an order? I will go on holiday soon...

A: Well we would advise you to place an order at least 4 weeks before your holiday regarding your comfort and confidence with your chair... Once you get used to it, you will be much more satisfied with the product on your holiday...

Q: How do we charge the batteries? do they need to be taken out from the chair?

A:  The chair can be charged either the batteries on the chair or off. you can plug it in on the hand control or take the batteries out and put them on charge...

Q: Do you do finance? Do you do monthly schemes,payments? Financing?

A: These are a few questions we are asked frequently. Well we have applications for P.I.P and still waiting for the answer. In the meantime if you wish you could subscribe and follow us to hear about it.Thank you!

Q: How do I checkout? 

A: It is quite easy. Add the product you would like to buy in your cart and go for the checkout. If you are still having some problems we are mostly online let us help you,just message us...

Q: Chair £1995 control £200 control box £150 hand rest £190 = £2635 is this the price?

A: The only additional cost for chair is if you want a headrest (£190) those prices are for out of warranty spare parts

Q: Do the arm rests come up for side transfers?

A: Yes they do

Q: If you're semi-mobile and decide to walk for a bit, can these chairs be pushed manually or do they have to move with the controls?

A: You can disengage motors with two littles clicks and then push with ease